What can we do for people in prison beyond simply locking them up?
Could prison be seen as an opportunity, and not just a punishment?
What can we do for prison systems and wider society as a whole?
To achieve our ambitions, we need your support. We are looking for people who have been moved by the inhumane and degrading conditions which far too many in prison endure, for people who want a fairer society which respects the human rights of everyone, and for people who are not willing to remain silent when silence condones the unacceptable. Together we can make real and long-lasting changes.
what is the purpose
and dangers of
punishing people?
what can we do
for prison
systems and wider society as a
could prison be
seen as an oppurtunity,
and not just a punishment?
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There are many ways in which you can raise money to help us in our important work to end dehumanisation of people in prison and build safer societies. Contact us today to find out more!


I believe we share many values and am excited to not only see where the Raphael Rowe Foundation will go and grow, but for Baker Hughes to be a part of the growth and positive impact we really believe can be achieved.

Brian Worrell, CFO


The RRF is a non-profit organization. We value every donation, no amount is too small. Your contribution directly funds the RRF's projects and operations which support our mission to transform prisons and communities through compassionate action.