The raphael rowe foundation

Our goal is to improve the conditions and basic human rights in prisons all around the globe.


Inspire systems which enable the mistreatment of people in prison to rethink their approach and challenge any prejudices which might prevent such change.


Give every person in prison across the world their basic human rights.


Create conditions which allow empowered and rehabilitated people in prison to be welcomed into society.

Our mission

To work with those who administer prison systems throughout the world, and inspire them to abolish dehumanising, degrading and dangerous practices, putting more emphasis on the health, education and rehabilitation of those in their care.

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News and insights

"Raphael, your program is excellent, it shows the reality that those deprived of their liberty live in the world... i hope one day you can come to record in argentina where the prisons are over crowded and the inmates live in inhumane conditions"

"I watch you in complete awe as you navigate the world's worst prisons! Just started following you On Insta, but have been watching you every new season on Netflix. Keep up the great investigative journalism!"